Practice Areas

We offer a wide range of litigation and advice services for businesses, ranging from multi-national corporations to small closely-held and family-owned entities. Read about our services and contact us here to find out exactly how we can help you.

Employment Counseling

At Roe Law Group, we pride ourselves on imaginative solutions to the difficult legal and operational problems in managing employees, their absences, requests for accommodations and other employment-related issues. We work closely with our clients and gain an understanding of their business and culture so we can help avoid the expense of litigation, while also protecting the business needs of the company. We represent large national companies and their management teams as well as small closely held and family owned businesses across the country by providing preventive counseling and training. We can help you navigate through state and federal agencies to successfully resolve charges against your company.

Employment Litigation

It is not always possible to avoid employment disputes and we have close to 25 years of experience defending national and local companies in venues around the country. We have the experience to handle any kind of employment-related lawsuit or claim, including those under Title VII, the ADEA, pregnancy discrimination statutes, the ADA and other disability-related statutes, harassment, wage and hour violations, FMLA and any other leave laws. We have the bench strength to draft and enforce strong employment agreements, with non-competition and non-solicitation provisions and we have significant success with administrative charges before both state and federal agencies.

Labor Law

Roe Law Group offers legal advice to employers in preventing or managing labor activity. We help our clients with corporate campaigns, neutrality agreements, union organizing, protected concerted activity, NLRB elections, contract negotiations, grievance and arbitration proceedings and unfair labor practices. Our goal is to prevent organizing before the idea even enters your work place.

Civil Litigation

We represent businesses as plaintiffs or defendants in business-to-business litigation, including extensive experience in non-compete agreements and contract disputes. We are well versed in advising and protecting employers’ confidential and proprietary information, trade secrets and business relationships from misuse or interference. We have the expertise to assess risk and evaluate settlement early in litigation. And if not, we have the ability to aggressively work to have your case dismissed through motion practice and, if necessary, at trial.

Appellate Advocacy

Sometimes winning at trial does not end the case. We have represented employers in Minnesota’s appellate court system and are prepared and experienced in doing so. Because of our experience and focus on employment issues, we can quickly identify the key appellate issues at trial and frame our arguments when bringing or defending an appeal.

Mediation Services

Legal disputes of any kind can be stressful and complex. But, not all battles need to be fought in the courtroom. In fact, most cases are resolved before litigation. We have been mediating cases since 1996 and offer mediation and arbitration services in the areas of employment and civil disputes. Our goal is to help the parties move forward rather than look backward.

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