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Check out our sample communication to employees that you can use in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to reinstate the stay of OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccination, Testing, and Face Covering ETS

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View our cheat sheet covering the CDC’s latest masking guidelines

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View our PowerPoint covering OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing ETS

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Updated sample materials include a Sample FFCRA Request Form, a Sample FFCRA Leave Policy, and a Sample FFCRA Designation Form

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View our summary addressing Minnesota’s adoption of the CDC’s recent quarantine guidance updates

View our sample check list for monitoring COVID-19 in the workplace

Topics include Isolation and Quarantine, Contact Tracing, Disinfecting, Who Returns and When, Communications, OSHA and Official Public Health Considerations, and Manager Training

Here is the PowerPoint you can use to follow along during our December 3, 2020 webinar

Here is the PowerPoint from our October 21, 2020 webinar

Clarification from the DOL on the FFCRA’s Paid Leave Provisions

Topics include RLG website updates, new DOL forms, CDC updates, new SAFE TO WORK Act information & October Webinar save-the-date

Find the Department of Labor’s FAQs on the FFCRA here (current as of September 9, 2020)

View our Sample Minneapolis & St. Paul Sick and Safe Time Policy

View our Sample Telecommuting Policy

Topics include FFCRA Ruling, CDC Updates & Training Reminder

View our Sample Minnesota Wage Theft Letter

View our power point and Q&A for training managers on COVID-19 best practices

Topics include FFCRA Leave, the ADA, OSHA, and Payroll Tax Credits

Topics include Off-Duty Social Media Posts, Mandatory Vaccinations, Privacy and HIPAA Concerns, Expense Reimbursement Laws, ADA Considerations, and the FFCRA

Topics include Minnesota’s Face Covering Order, New CDC Return to Work Guidance, FFCRA Leave and State Quarantine Rules, I-9 Compliance, and New Stimulus Package Proposals

Topics include COVID-19 Addendums for Employee Handbooks, Performance Management in the COVID-19 Era, and Planning for Potential COVID-19-Related Issues

View our sample Internal Business Preparedness Plan and Sample Employee Handout

Our summary breaks down the key Business Preparedness Plans provisions contained in Minnesota’s Executive Order 20-40

We’ve created a flowchart to help you and your business navigate Emergency Family Medical Leave and Emergency Paid Sick Leave under the FFCRA

Topics include Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements and Respiratory Protection Guidance

Resources include links to the Department of Labor’s Required FFCRA Poster and FAQ and OSHA’s Required COVID-19 Workplace Poster

Topics include Extended UI Eligibility Requirements, How the CARES Act Impacts UI Benefits, and UI’s relationship with Paid Sick Leave

Topics include Tax Credits, Unemployment Benefits, and PPP Loans

Resources include links to the Department of Labor’s initial FAQs on the FFCRA, CISA Guidance on Critical Infrastructure Workers, and Minnesota DEED’s List of Critical Workers

Resources include links to Minnesota’s Stay at Home Order (Executive Order 20-20), CISA Guidance on Critical Infrastructure Workers, and Minnesota DEED’s List of  Critical Workers

Resources include links to Minnesota’s Unemployment Insurance Shared Work Arrangements FAQs, City of Minneapolis’ COVID-19 FAQs for Local Businesses, St. Paul and Minneapolis’ Emergency Declarations for COVID-19, and more

Find out our initial thoughts on the FFCRA’s “Fewer than 500 Employees” Requirement

Topics include DOL’s Final Rule Regarding the Exempt Status Salary Threshold

Topics include Minnesota’s Wage Theft Law and how it will affect businesses moving forward

Topics include the Minnesota Court of Appeals’ decision to uphold the Minneapolis Sick and Safe Time Ordinance’s geographic scope

Topics include recent NLRB reversals, Limits on Title VII’s Anti-Retaliation Provisions, the ADA and Attendance Policies, Employee Reimbursement Laws, and Arbitration Agreements

Topics include Immigration, ADA and Pregnancy, Workplace Culture, FMLA Forms, Employee Handbooks, and Marijuana in the Workplace

Topics include Harassment Training, the Interactive Process of the ADA, the NLRB, Biometric Technology, and Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Topics include Medical Leave, Social Media, Parental Leave, Drug Testing, and Background Checks

Topics include Accommodating Temporary Employees, Minnesota Whistleblower Law, Politics in the Workplace, New I-9 Form, GINA Safe Harbor Language, and the Terminated Google Employee Controversy

Topics include ADA Decision, NLRB on Confidentiality and Non-Disparagement Policies, Preventing LGBT Claims, EEOC and Mental Health Conditions, and “Micro-Unions”

Topics include Hiring Plaintiff’s Counsel, FMLA Policies, OSHA and Employers, Fitness for Duty Policies, and EEOC Continuity

Topics include the EEOC’s Strategic Enforcement Plan, FLSA Revisions, Drug-Free Workplace Policies, Increased FLSA Claims, and OSHA’s Anti-Retaliation Provisions

Topics include New FLSA Regulations, EEO-1 Filings, Federal Contractor and Sick Leave, FLSA Regulations Affecting Benefit Plans, and Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

Topics include FLSA Audits, Updating Posters, OSHA Penalties, EEOC Wellness Sample Notice, and Employment Terminations Under USERRA

Topics include Positive Workplaces, Increased Penalties for Employing Undocumented Workers and I-9 Violations, OSHA’s Effects on Drug and Alcohol Testing Policies, Wrongful Discharge in Minnesota, and Connection between WESA and FMLA

Topics include Feds and Pay Data from Employers, Sex Discrimination of Transgender Employees, NLRB in the Non-Union Setting, Termination and Social Media, Mandatory Paid Sick Leave, and Medical Exams for Wellness Programs

Topics include Overtime Pay Changes, Independent Contractors, Avoiding FMLA Interference Claims, EEOC and Wellness Programs, and Unpaid Leave as a Reasonable Accommodation 

Topics include Transferring Employees During Intermittent Leave, EEOC Investigations, Holiday Pay While on FMLA, and Terminating an Employee

Topics include Amendments to FLSA and Developing a Consistent Accommodation Process