2023 RLG (Free!) Training

2023 RLG (Free!) Training

As you fill your 2023 calendar, don’t forget that Roe Law Group offers one hour of free training each year for your managers, supervisors, and HR professionals. For 2023, we will be offering training on the following topics:

  1. Reasonable Suspicion and Managing Marijuana in the Workplace: Drug and alcohol use can create significant problems in the workplace. Additionally, the increased legalization of marijuana has created considerable confusion as to what employers can and cannot do with respect to marijuana in the workplace. Reasonable suspicion training is critical for managers, regardless of whether your company has a drug testing policy. We will address how to identify substance use and abuse in the workplace and what to do (and not to do!) if reasonable suspicion exists, how to make employment-related decisions based on patterns of behavior, and how to manage employees in states where marijuana is legalized.


  2. Managing Accommodations and the Interactive Process: Knowing how to handle accommodation requests and engage in the interactive process can be an area of considerable confusion and frustration. This session is meant to demystify the accommodation process and help HR professionals identify accommodation requests and understand the importance of engaging in (and documenting!) the interactive process. This is a train-the-trainer topic so that HR can internally train their managers.


  3. Employee Relations and Union Organizing: Unionization efforts have been on the rise recently. One of the easiest ways to avoid a union campaign is to ensure you are aware of, and responsive to, the needs of your employees. This session is designed to identify the efforts managers and HR should be taking in supporting an open environment where employees feel heard and don’t need to have a union speak on their behalf.


  4. De-Escalation Training: Conflict at work is unavoidable, whether it’s between co-workers, or between employees and the public. When conflict arises, we want to ensure that managers have the tools necessary to prevent a situation from escalating. This session is designed to provide managers with tips and strategies to identify signs of escalation, as well as tools to de-escalate situations productively and safely. 
Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are interested in one of these trainings for your managers or HR team. A downloadable copy of these training topics can be found here.

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