2022 RLG (Free!) Training

2022 RLG (Free!) Training

As you fill your 2022 calendar, don’t forget that Roe Law Group offers one hour of free training each year for your managers and supervisors. For 2022, we will be offering training on the following topics:

  1. Effective Communication and Managing Employee Performance: Communication skills are critical for supervisors, who must hear and understand employees’ concerns and manage performance. The purpose of documenting performance problems properly isn’t just to protect the employer in case a worker files a lawsuit. It’s also to show all the steps the manager has taken to help someone be successful. Thus, managing employee performance requires effective communication, documentation of performance, and clear and complete performance reviews (whether formal or informal). 
  2. Reasonable Accommodation – Post COVID-19 (or during COVID-19): When the COVID-19 pandemic hit with its associated risks, along with guidance from health officials, employers set policies for temporary work-from-home options and virtual meetings. As the pandemic eases and employers consider returning most employees back to a centralized workplace, reasonable accommodation considerations under the ADA may arise. 
  3. Managing the Remote Workforce: In today’s digitally connected COVID-19 global environment, many organizations are planning to operate virtually with a remote or partially remote workforce. This training is designed to improve your ability to effectively manage a remote or virtual team. We will examine the unique opportunities and challenges that come with remote work and explore strategies to enhance a manager’s ability to lead their team to success.
  4. Reasonable Suspicion: Drug and alcohol use can create significant problems in the workplace. Reasonable suspicion training is critical for managers and supervisors, whether or not your company has a drug testing policy. This session is designed to address how to identify substance use and abuse in the workplace and what to do (and not to do!) if reasonable suspicion exists, how to make employment-related decisions based on patterns of erratic or abnormal behavior, disorientation or confusion and/or an inability to complete routine tasks. 
Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are interested in one of these trainings for your managers or HR team.

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